miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Espacio (V) / Space (V)

"The pervasive smells of rubber, concrete, flesh; the taste of dust; the discomforting rubbing of an elbow on an abrasive surface; the pleasure of fur-lined walls and the pain of a corner hit upon in the dark; the echo of a hall - space is not simply the three-dimensional projection of a mental representation, but it is something that is heard, and is acted upon. And it is the eye that frames - the window, the door, the vanishing ritual of passage... Space of movement - corridors, staircases, ramps, passages, thresholds; here begins the articulation between the space of the senses and the space of society, the dances and gestures that combine the representation of space and the space of representation. Bodies not only move in but generate spaces produces by and through their movements. Movements - of dance, sport, war - are the intrusion of events into architectural spaces. At the limit, these events become scenarios or programs, void of moral or functional implications, independent but inseparable from the spaces that enclose them."

Tschumi, Bernard (1996) Architecture and Disjunction. Cambridge: MIT Press

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